What to Expect in Roofing and Siding Services

February 24, 2023

Your home’s roofing and siding are its first lines of defense against unwanted, harsh weather elements. Withstanding such pressure all year round may prompt damages that need the attention of your roofing and siding contractor. While it is unlikely that you will be required to get a reinstallation when your contractor’s inspection has decided on one, here is a list of what to expect from your roofing and home siding services in Clarence, NY.

Your foremost concern is deciding on a contractor to carry out your property’s project. Roofing and siding installation is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make for your home. Choose a company to which you can entrust future home plans that knows materials, safety, and building codes.

What to Expect During a Siding and Roofing Installation Project

If you are anxious about what to expect for the big day, here’s a list of what to expect on a roof and siding installation project.

  • Home Preparation
  1. Remove or cover valuable items in the attic before a roof installation and remove pictures, shelves, and valuables that may risk falling ahead of a siding installation.
  2. Cut grasses and clear all items away from the exterior of your home, including potted plants, patio furniture, landscaping lights, and garden equipment.
  3. Clear the driveway for delivery trucks and dumpsters.
  4. Move any vehicles away from the home to minimize the chances of being damaged by loose debris.
  5. Ensure your pets and children are safe, away from the work zone.
  • Your Contractor’s Time of Arrival

You may have made your preparations, but your contractor might have to arrive early on the day to discuss the plans and do their prep work, such as setting up roof jacks and landing platforms for workers and shingles or removing shutters, downspouts, and caulking.

  • Removal of the Old Roof Or Siding

After all the prep work, it’s time to take down the damaged roof or siding. During this process, expect that there will be vibrations, noise, and traffic on your driveway when a delivery truck is transporting materials and when the dumpsters will haul the debris. You may opt for “roofing or siding repair near me” so a contractor can reach your area quickly.

  • Unforeseen Damages Before the Installation

Your contractor may commence the installation only to discover damage to other parts of the house besides the roof or siding. Underlying issues before a roof installation are mostly water damage and rotting. 

Water damage and rotting can be present before a siding installation. Asbestos is a heat-resistant and toxic material that can cause lung problems when inhaled. Damages to sheathing can also be current.

These unforeseen issues can increase project costs, cause delays, and extend the timeline. These concerns will be discussed with you by your contractor.

A roofing or siding installation is an investment. Hire professional contractors to get the job done and save time, money, and potential hazards. 

Ready for a new layer of home protection? Call the experts now at Lifetime Siding and Roofing for roof and home siding services in Clarence, NY.  Dial (716) 239 – 6476 or visit lifetimesidingandroofing.com and fill out our contact form.

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