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Warning Signs That Your Chimney Needs Repair

June 7, 2023

Are you going to wait until your chimney crumbles down before you finally have it fixed? Imagine having dust particles or, worse, pieces of brick fall while you are supposed to be enjoying a cozy and warm night over a book and a glass of wine. And instead of a pleasant night, you will remember that you have not checked your chimney for years now! Yikes! Imagine what it looked like from the outside while you were busy working. How many issues can you now estimate? But why don’t you just go over to your phone and hire professionals and avail of their chimney repair in Buffalo, NY?

Here are some screaming clues or warning signs that you should not ignore. Because they can be highly risky for you and your family.

Falling Chimney Tile
Your chimney is obviously screaming for an urgent repair when, out of the blue, prices of tile fall during the soothing crackle of the fire. This is not a sign that some animal did it; rather, water, damaged it and weakened the flue lining! The moisture that was accumulated and left untreated caused the bricks of your chimney to fall.

Pooling Water
Is there a pool in your fireplace where a family of geese can already swim? It is time to have it checked now before it all gets worse. Water accumulation in your fireplace is frequently caused by worn-out-mortar, cracked chimney crowns, and extensive water damage.

Visible Rust
Have you noticed rust on your firebox where there shouldn’t be any? This is a clear sign of excessive moisture that is slowly damaging your chimney. Before anything else goes wrong and gets worse, avail yourself of chimney repair in Buffalo, NY. Have a pro fix the damage before this can cause a house fire.

Deep cleaning of the white discoloration or staining in your chimney won’t fix the problem. This is also cause by moisture and should be addressed as soon as possible. This can be a result of premature deterioration in your chimney that may get worse if left untreated or ignored.

A visibly damaged and blackened chimney can surely make your home look haunted enough to scare away kids. Stop further spalling by hiring professionals to fix the outside appearance of your chimney. They can strengthen the structure, do brickwork, and use other necessary methods to fix it before your house scares kids for real.

Damaged or Cracked Chimney Crown
I you have spotted cracks on your chimney, do not ignore them! Just because they are only cracks does not mean they are just minor damage requiring minor DIY repairs. This is usually caused by continuous exposure to moisture and water, which professionals can fix best.

Water damage is the biggest enemy chimneys. Sometimes internal wall damage cannot be seen, but you can spot something unusual or signs if there are leakages and seeping moisture on your walls. Avoid mold growth and save your chimney by availing of our services before the mold destroys the inner foundations of your chimney and home.

Do not wait until any of these warning signs pose potential risks to your family, especially if your home has visible signs of having been built more than a decade ago. There is a huge chance of an increased accumulation of dangerous asbestos in walls, floor tiles, and even in your chimney, which can cause serious respiratory illnesses! So, search for a reliable expert roofing contactor and avail of Buffalo chimney repair now. Contact us at at 716-239-6476 or drop us a message at

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