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The Impact of Weathering on Your Roof and How to Address It

November 10, 2023

The roof of your house is its first line of defense against the weather. If there’s anything that can have an adverse impact on it over time, that would be what’s called weathering. It is the gradual deterioration of your roof caused by exposure to various types of weather.

Those involved in roof waterproofing in Buffalo, NY, will tell you that weathering can require expensive repairs or possibly a full roof replacement if left unchecked. In order to increase the lifespan of your roof, we’ll examine the major types of weathering.


Understanding the Problem

Roofs are affected by weathering in different ways based on their composition and the climate. The following are the most typical sources of weathering: ultraviolet rays from the sun, moisture and water damage from rain or snow, wind damage caused by storms, and thermal cycling from drastic changes in temperature.


How to Address Weathering

  1. Regular Inspections – One of the best strategies to combat deterioration is to check the roof in the spring, fall, and following extremely bad weather. Look for missing or broken shingles, exposed nails, or wear and tear. At the very least, do it twice a year.

  2. Clean Your Roof – Clear your roof of dirt, leaves, and other debris with a low-pressure washer or a soft-bristle brush. Keeping it clean is crucial to avoiding weathering. Avoid high-pressure settings or using abrasive cleaning materials.

  3. Repair or Replace Damage – Take immediate action if you discover any missing or damaged shingles. Have them replaced to stop water from seeping in and causing structural damage to your roof.

  4. Address Moss and Algae – Remove any moss or algae on the roof. Experts in roof maintenance in Buffalo, NY, advise gently scrubbing those areas using roof cleaning products or a mixture of water and mild detergent. Remember to rinse thoroughly after the task is done.

  5. Reinforce Flashings – Flashing or the sealant of the roof’s joints and edges to stop leaks may degrade. To ensure a waterproof seal, reinforce the flashing around vents, skylights, chimneys, and other roof accesses.

  6. Improve Ventilation – Proper ventilation in the attic lessens thermal cycling and controls the temperature levels in your house. Get professional advice if it isn’t getting enough ventilation. Ice dams can be prevented from forming this way.

  7. Roof Coatings – A coating on asphalt shingles can help shield against ultraviolet rays and prolong roof life. This coating can also strengthen the roof’s resilience to water damage.

  8. Professional Maintenance – Hire a professional roofing contractor for regular checks and maintenance. In the event that your problems on the roof have worsened, their expertise enables them to resolve those issues that are not noticeable to the untrained eye.


We Have You Covered

All roofs will eventually experience weathering. However, proactive care and maintenance will prevent its effects. The professionals of roof waterproofing in Buffalo, NY, are reminding everybody that it’s important to conduct inspections and routine cleanings as preventive measures.

When actual work has to be done and repair or installation becomes a need, I suggest you call on the experts for help. You can run to Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction. Call us at 716-239-6476 or email us at

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