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Let Professional Contractors Handle Your Roofing and Siding in Niagara Falls, NY

When it comes to home maintenance and improvement, a lot of homeowners focus so much of their attention on what’s inside – a better kitchen, a wider living room, an additional room, a lavish bathroom, and the like. Most homeowners ignore what’s outside, more so what they don’t normally see – the roof. And what about the siding? These are two of the essential parts of a house that keeps you safe and secure, yet they are often left out of the picture. If you are a responsible and smart homeowner, then you should know better than to ignore your roofing and siding in Niagara Falls.

The Roof

Your roof is your primary protection from the harmful UV rays, rain, snow, wind and even occasional hail. Because of poor installation, improper maintenance, and constant beating from natural elements, it will surely deteriorate in time and may lead to problems like, most commonly, leaks. If such a problem is not resolved, it can lead to several other damages to your home.

Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction is your trusted company when it comes to roof installation, repair, replacement, and ice/snow removal. We are a team of experts who have years of experience. We have dealt with countless of roofing projects, giving us the edge over other similar businesses in the area. We perform thorough evaluation so that we can solve the problem at its roots and ensure that the problem will not recur. We also have the right equipment and technology to back us up.

The Siding

Damages to your siding are often concealed because most happen from the inside, starting from beneath the surface of the exterior portion of the house. If the problem is not identified and addressed early on, it will lead to rotting and mold and mildew formation. Thus, it is important to let professionals do the inspection and necessary repair or replacement works. Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction uses top of the line vinyl siding in Niagara Falls. We also cater to stucco and so much more. So, if you are in need of the expertise of a roofing and siding contractor, you can give us a call at 716-239-6476.