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If you need quality services for roof or siding repair in Amherst, NY, then choose us at Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction. As top professionals in our field, we guarantee top-notch services that you will look for time and time again.

Roof damage shouldn’t be taken lightly. If left unrepaired, it can lead to further damage inside your home. Moss, fungal growth, and leaky roofs are just some of the problems you may encounter. Most roofs will eventually show signs of moss growth which can make your shingles look older than they are. Although usually not a major issue it is likely to become severe over time and invade the space between and under your shingles, eventually causing larger problems in the future like leakage and shingle uplift. In addition, a leaky roof is never a good thing because it can cause a lot of damage and danger to your home. If left alone, it will soon lead to major damage that will cost even more to repair. To stop this from happening, call reliable contractors for roof repair in Amherst, NY like us, and we will assess you with the proper intervention your roof needs.

Siding repair is also important because it protects your home from potential damage by the elements, and it also contributes to your home’s aesthetic appeal. So keeping your siding in top condition is a must as it helps preserve your property’s value as well. But to call for siding repair services, you should also know what sort of damages to look out for.

Common siding problems that homeowners experience are cracking, fading, warping, buckling, noise, and moisture problems. If you encounter these problems, make sure to call us for siding repair right away, so we can remedy the problem before it gets worse.

For professional roof and siding repair in Amherst, NY, call us at Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction.