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Emergency Roof Repair: What to Do When Disaster Strikes

November 14, 2023

Effective emergency repair is essential if severe weather damages your roof significantly. Professionals who do roof repair in Buffalo, NY, have noted that a damaged roof can result from powerful winds or a tree that falls on it, and this can result in issues inside the home.

Let’s go over the first few steps you should take ASAP and those that you need to attend to not long after.

  1. Assess the Aftermath
    Dealing with an emergency of this kind requires a meticulous assessment of the situation as the first step. Prioritize your safety during a storm. Don’t do any repairs until the weather clears up. When it’s already safe to do so, inspect your roof from the ground or the top of the ladder and look for obvious damage like missing shingles, possible leak sources, or debris that might have crashed on the roof.

  2. Protect with Temporary Solutions
    After assessing the destruction of your property, undertake temporary repairs. A quick method to keep water out of exposed places is to seal them with sturdy tarpaulins and make sure they are firmly fastened to prevent the wind from uprooting them. A temporary solution for minor fractures can be achieved with roofing sealant. 

  3. Document the Damage
    For insurance purposes, take pictures of the damage before starting any repairs. Capture crisp images or videos of the impacted areas from various angles. According to roofers in Buffalo, NY, when submitting an insurance claim, these images will be the proof you need to make sure you get reimbursed for your expenses on the required repairs.

  4. Get Professional Assistance
    While temporary fixes are essential to protecting your home, speaking with roofing experts is the next crucial step. Specialists in emergency roof repair can conduct a thorough examination and identify hidden issues that may not be apparent at first.

  5. Contact Insurance Company
    You must reach out to your insurance company to file a claim once you’ve had a professional evaluate the roof and compile proof of the damage. Submit all the needed paperwork, including photos, videos, and repair estimates. Maintain regular communication with your insurance investigator to ensure that your grasp of the claims is unambiguous.

  6. Prevent Future Damages
    Although disasters are unpredictable, you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of emergency roof damage. Check your roof frequently for signs of wear and tear, missing shingles, or broken flashing. To avoid branches falling onto your roof during a storm, keep the trees around your house trimmed.


Rapid Roofing Repair. Affordable Too.

After a calamity, emergency roof repair is imperative. Those who undertake roof repair in Buffalo, NY, strongly advise the following: Assess the damage, put interim solutions in place, and get professional assistance right after. Keep track of the damage to your roof and the estimated cost of repairs. They will all be helpful when you make insurance claims to get reimbursed.

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