Vinyl siding is the most popular kind of siding wherever you go. You might also be using the same siding as you read this. But the question is, do you know the pros and cons of using vinyl for your siding before you let your home siding services in Clarence, NY install it for your home? If not, let’s learn some of its pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

We’ve listed below three advantages and disadvantages of using vinyl for your home siding.


  1. Price

The first thing you probably knew before installing your home siding is that vinyl siding is the most affordable but high-quality type of siding you can use. Panels of vinyl siding are built from thin sheets of PVC that lock together. Because of these sheets, you will be able to get a lot of wall coverage without breaking the bank. Moreover, installing vinyl siding is much easier compared to any other kind of siding product.

  1. Durability and Lifespan

Another advantage of vinyl siding is its ability to withstand strong winds and harsh elements. It has a lifespan of up to 30 years, so within those years, you won’t have to worry about replacing it because of its age. You just have to maintain it and have it repaired if it acquires damage, and it’ll be ready again to protect your home.

  1. No Need to Paint

Another advantage is the fact that you don’t need to spend money buying paint separately because most vinyl panels are already painted with quality paint that doesn’t easily flake or chip off. You can simply choose from a wide variety of colors when buying to match the color of your house, and if the color you want isn’t available, they can paint the vinyl for you.


  1. Easy Fading of Paint

Though one of the advantages of vinyl siding is that you can buy products that are already painted, one of its disadvantages is also related to painting. Paint on vinyl siding can easily fade to the point where it is noticeable. The common reason for its fading is exposure to the sun.

  1. Moisture Problems

Unfortunately, vinyl sidings can also cause serious moisture risks if not maintained properly. Water vapor may become trapped in the cavity as a result of the styrene insulation that is installed with vinyl siding. Cover it adequately to block the water from entering the wall cavity if you don’t want this to happen.

  1. Dents Easily

Another disadvantage of vinyl sidings is that they acquire dents rather easily. A baseball, hail, and even a power wash can dent vinyl. Moreover, the dents they obtain from these objects do not pop back out no matter what you and your trusted siding repair contractor in Clarence, NY, do. Once they are dented, you’ll have no choice but to replace them.


Contact Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction today if you wish to know which type of siding is perfect for your home. You can also ask us about the pros and cons of each type, and we will help you decide which siding to use for your house. Moreover, call us if you need home siding services in Clarence, NY. We are your team of professional and expert roofing contractors.


Are you having a hard time deciding whether you should get a new roof or just do some fixing? Whether you need your roof repaired or you need to get a new one, always make sure to hire the best and most trusted Lancaster roofing contractor to ensure that you get top-tier quality services for your roof.

5 Factors to Consider Whether to Repair or Get a New Roof

Here are some factors you should consider before deciding whether to get a new roof or just have it repaired.

  1. Age of the Roof

Since roofs have an expected life span, the roof’s age is a huge factor in deciding whether you should repair or replace it when there is damage. If there is a problem with your roof and it’s still far from its expected life span, you can fix the problem by repairing the roof to avoid further and worse damage.

  1. How Serious the Damage Is

You should also consider how serious the damage is before deciding whether to repair or replace it. If the roof’s damage is only minor, replacing it might be too expensive. If the damage to your roof is small and easy to fix, you can call your trusted contractor to just repair it.

  1. Your Budget

One of the most important things to consider when repairing or replacing your roof is your budget. Think about which option will cause you less trouble or which will be worth it in the long run. If your roof needs replacement but you insist on having it repaired because the repair is cheaper, think of the cost you will need to spend when you have to repeatedly repair it. It’s better to call your trusted roofing contractor in Lancaster, NY, to replace it, solve the problem, and spend money only once.

  1. Urgency

Another factor to consider is the urgency of the situation. If a storm is coming and your roof is damaged but you have no time to replace it before the storm comes, have it repaired at least to protect it and avoid further damage. Do not wait for the storm to pass before solving the problem, as the storm can worsen the damage and cost you more for the replacement or repairs.

  1. To Maintain the Architectural Integrity of Your Roof

Since some types of roofs should maintain their original composition for as long as possible, you have no choice but to only repair these kinds of roofs because if you replace them, you will need to replace the whole property. You can preserve the structural integrity of your home by having roof repairs made.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the factors you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof when it’s damaged, don’t hesitate to contact Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction. We are a roofing contractor in Lancaster, NY, that will protect your home from the harsh weather that the seasons bring at the most unexpected time of the year. We always ensure that all our clients have peace of mind while working with us.

 Call Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction today at 716-239-6476 and avail of our services for your peace of mind.


The very first thing that people will notice on your house is none other than the roof and the siding. That is why, if you want your house to leave a great impression on people, make sure that your roofing and siding in Niagara Falls are always presentable and aesthetically beautiful. To achieve aesthetically pleasing and presentable siding, you have to make sure that it is always well-maintained.

5 Signs that You Need to Replace Your Siding

To be able to maintain your house’s siding, here are 5 signs that it might be damaged, and it’s time to replace it for the protection of the structure of your home and your family.

  1. Rotten Woods

Your house’s siding will protect your home from different kinds of elements and will keep your family safe and comfortable. However, if it starts to rot and crumble, it will no longer be able to perform its vital role. So it is crucial that every now and then you inspect your siding to see if there are traces of rotten wood. That way, you will be able to prevent its spread and repair the affected area immediately.

  1. Rusty Nails and Popping

When the weather changes, any type of siding will also expand and contract, which will cause the nails used to install the siding to pop out. Because of this, your siding will become vulnerable to strong winds and will easily be blown away in pieces. On the other hand, rusty-colored streaks running down your wall are signs that the nails of your siding have rusted because of excess moisture that may cause further rot and erosion.

  1. Increased Utility Costs

If you notice a sudden increase in your utility bill, contact your trusted roof and siding contractor right away to inspect the exterior and interior of your home, as this could be a sign of roof and siding damage in Cheektowaga, NY. They will determine the exact problem and recommend the best solution.

  1. Moisture and Mold

If you discover traces of moisture buildup on the inside of your home, you should immediately also check the exterior of your home. If it appears that the siding is to blame, then it would be best to call your trusted roof and siding contractor to fix the problem and replace the siding if necessary.

  1. Dents, Chips, and Cracks

Severe storms or hail can cause damage to your siding, so if you happen to have experienced one recently, it would be best to inspect it for signs of damage. Dents don’t usually cause further damage. But cracks and chips on the surface will make your home more susceptible to moisture damage and pest infestation.


These are only some of the many signs that your siding is damaged and needs replacement. Call Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction today if you need to inspect the roof and siding damage of your home in Cheektowaga, NY, and replace them to solve the problem. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we are composed of the finest roofing and siding contractors in the state, so we are confident in our ability to give the best results to our clients.


You notice the shingles on the roof starting to lift, see the color staining, find debris on the ground that came from above, or observe a leak has developed. That means your roof needs attention. Choosing the right people to fix it is everything.

You’ll be spending a considerable amount of money on a roof renovation; so you’ll surely want to invest in quality. You can read up on who the best ones will be for the job by searching for recommendations on Angi’s List, the Better Business Bureau, or roofing contractors in Buffalo NY.

1. Hire a Local

It would be a good idea to hire a local roofing contractor to do the job. If a problem arises with your new roof, it wouldn’t be hard to get the project redone. In this manner, you’re also supporting the local community. Another thing that’s a plus in hiring a local contractor is it ensures familiarity with the local building codes.

Be aware of efforts by some to look local but not really be one. With technology today, this is so easy to do. They can have a local phone number and business cards printed that say they’re nearby. Guard against this marketing strategy. Ask if they have customers where you live and look for them.

2/3. License & Insurance

You have to make sure that the company you’re hiring is licensed. One that’s certified has passed multiple industry-related tests, knows the business well, offers sensible contracts, and has undergone formal training in the field of roofing.

If they’re licensed, they usually have an insurance policy as well. Insurance protects the company doing the job from injuries to their workers. It also protects the homeowner. Keep in mind that, if an accident happens to anyone working on the roof, the homeowner can be held responsible for it unless the company hired is insured.

4. Warranty

An important consideration when choosing who’ll be working on the roof is the warranty that covers the job done for you. There should be two of them: the manufacturer warranty and the workmanship warranty. The first is a guarantee against a defective roofing material that may have been used. The second is a certification that covers whatever installation errors are committed by the roofers.

5. Hunt for the Best Deal

The best deal simply means finding the best contractor who is also affordable. Just keep in mind that cheap isn’t always the best. It can actually be more expensive if things have to be done all over again. Get different quotations, study the prices involved and make sense of them. Choose the best of the lot and negotiate for a better contract. Remember to do this when it comes to roof repairs in Buffalo NY.

6. Check Out Previous Works

Once you’ve made a choice on who your roof contractor will be, ask to see their portfolio of past jobs. They might already be on their website. Over and above that though, ask for names and addresses of their past customers they haven’t featured yet. Reach out to these clients and ask them the only question you’d want an answer to: Are they satisfied with the work of the company you’re thinking of hiring?

7. Put Agreement on Paper 

Whatever you want to be done, for how long, and for how much must be specifically stated. How the company you’re dealing with will get everything accomplished according to the timetable and the cost should also be assured. The best thing about this is the company will make sure to do everything as stipulated in the agreement so as not to jeopardize the payment it’s charging.

After All is Said and Done

Now that you know how to go about hiring and getting the best service from a good roofing contractor, especially in Buffalo NY, it’s best to check out a company that specializes in this roof repairs and roofing installations and has been at it for two decades now. Kiss your roof problems goodbye by saying hello to Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction. Give us a call today at 716-239-6476.

With inflation making everything expensive, it became normal to always think of ways to save money despite our daily expenses. However, when it comes to home improvements, we shouldn’t be stingy as this is for our protection especially if it’s for the roof. Make sure to hire reliable and professional roofers in Buffalo, NY.

Although you can DIY your roofing needs, you can never be too sure about its performance and durability during a bad storm. Moreover, it’ll just double your expenses if your DIY maintenance didn’t last long enough after a storm. 

Here are 6 benefits you can gain from hiring professional roofers:

  1. Safety

Fixing a roof means going up somewhere high. Therefore, this job will always come with significant risks. If you do it on your own, not only will you be spending on materials but hospital bills as well in case of an accident. Professional roofers have safety harnesses, insurance, undergo safety training, and more in every work they do to protect themselves and their clients. 

  1. Aware of Local Building Code

Most of the time homeowners are not aware of the laws and regulations about construction projects in their area. Pushing your DIY roofing project without knowing the building code will not only result in costly penalties but may even get your newly built roof demolished. 

This is why it’s important to hire professional roof installation & repair services in Buffalo, Cheektowaga, NY, and the surrounding areas.

  1. Provide Warranties

The best thing about professional services is that you get warranties for their workmanship. If you experience water leaks from your roof after roof services within the warranty period, the company will redo their substandard workmanship without additional expenses (this may vary).

  1. Considers Budget

Each home or business owner has a specific budget for their home improvement project. Professional roofers make sure they don’t exceed that budget to help ease their client’s worries. So if you have a tight budget specifically set for roof repair or maintenance, you can count on your chosen professionals.

  1. Utilize Best Materials

To ensure the durability and quality of their workmanship, professional roofers use the best materials available within your budget. Professionals usually know the best supplier of affordable materials. They may even get discounts which you don’t usually get when buying the materials alone.

  1. Complete Projects on Time

If you’re in a rush to get your roof fixed as soon as possible due to an incoming storm, hiring professional roofers will get the job done in less than 5 days as long as it doesn’t consist of full roof removal and replacement.

Saving money by doing things yourself is not a bad thing. But if it will compromise your safety, it is better to ask for professional help for a permanent fix and not a temporary one. If it’s a critical home improvement project such as roofing repair and maintenance, hiring highly trained professional roofers in Buffalo, NY would be the best option to take. 

If you’re looking for certified and insured roofers, Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction is the company you can trust. Give us a call today at 716-239-6476.

It’s annoying to suddenly find your roofing and siding in Niagara Falls causing problems because of its damage. Your roofing and sidings are very important parts of your house, as they protect the whole infrastructure in any kind of weather. And since they are important parts of a house, once they show signs of damage and begin to deteriorate it can create a whole mess for the building.

How to Avoid the Common Cause of Siding Problems

Listed below are some of the common causes of siding problems and some tips on how to avoid more complicated problems and damages in the future.

  1. Cracks and Damages

All siding materials are susceptible to the damage of a small crack caused by a singular impact or an entire panel that has been ripped off in a storm.

  • To avoid more complicated problems, simply use a patch kit to repair small cracks and holes in your sidings. Simply follow the instructions on the patch kit to seal the crack or hole.
  1. Moisture or Water Damage

Your house siding’s purpose is to keep water away from the building and reduce moisture damage to the interior frame. So, if you leave your siding damaged and untreated, the damage may begin to accumulate which can result in serious problems.

  • To avoid water damage or moisture that can lead to the biggest concerns of your home’s outer layer of protection, you need to properly maintain your siding and get professional inspections from your trusted contractor when needed.
  1. Pests

Wooden sidings are particularly vulnerable to pests. Pests like woodpeckers and termites will severely limit the protection that your siding can offer. But aside from wood siding, other siding products by underlying wood structures can also fall victim to pests.

  • If you want to stop the pests from destroying your siding, consider using insecticides or hot water running through a spray nozzle at 160 to 180 degrees. You can use eco-friendly products to keep the environment safe from harmful chemicals.
  1. Replacing Damaged Vinyl Siding

If you are one of those homeowners who use vinyl siding in Niagara Falls, replacing the entire panel of your vinyl siding is actually easier than you might think. This may be the reason why vinyl siding continues to account for the largest share of the siding market.

  • Replacing vinyl siding is simple, but doing it yourself can cause problems due to poor installation, so if you are not confident in changing your siding, it’s best to ask for the help of a professional.
  1. Extreme Weather

The reason why sidings are built is to protect your home from rain, snow, hail, wind, sleet, and ice. But over the years damages add up, if your sidings are not properly maintained and addressed. Damages from extreme weather can result in the need of replacing the entire siding.

  • You should always do a full inspection of your home to avoid further problems from extreme weather. Walk around to check for any signs of damage. But if you’re not sure what you should look for, call the professional help of your trusted siding and roofing contractor.

Now that you’ve learned the possible and most common causes of your siding problems, consider hiring an expert, professional, and trusted contractor who does not only install, or replace but can also help you in maintaining your roofing and siding in Niagara Falls to keep them away from bigger damages. You can put your trust in Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction, so give us a call today.

If you have a roof that needs fixing, then you buy yourself what you think are the basics for roof repair: a roofing nail gun, a hammer, the right shingles, and more, you should know when to do it on your own or ask for a professional. There’s a big difference when it comes to DIY and professional house roofing repair in Tonawanda NY.

In today’s era, some people are attempting to do DIY after spending some time watching random DIY videos on social media. And because of the pandemic, the number of people who attempt DIYs have increased. The one thing that should be stressed here is there’s a lot of workmanship that goes into roofing. It’s not just about laying shingles and hammering them down. It is a type of craft that requires meticulous details.

Go For Professional Work
Keep in mind that, very much like walls, the roof is what keeps the outdoor elements from going inside the house. If the rooftop is in a bad shape, the house can suffer leaks, develop mold and mildew, and bring on other problems indoors. It will cost more than doing things yourself but things will be done right the first time. Also, DIY means buying all the needed tools for the repair anyway. It will still require extra money as well.

If you’re a professional roofer yourself and planning to do the work on your house, then that’s good. But for those who aren’t, you might want to think twice. This is not like the usual DIY projects that many get into, like making candles, homemade soap, resin jewelry, or tote bags. Working with the experts on roofing installation in Tonawanda NY will allow you to relax and watch them finish the project professionally.

Why Exactly Is It Better?

Knowing that the job is done right and the rain’s not going to fall on you when the storm comes is a good enough reason. Here are other factors that can justify the need to hire the best people to get your roofing project done:

  1. They Have What It Takes 

The right set of tools, devices, and materials come with the task and the professionals have all of them at hand. Instead of being the Joe Schmo, we can sometimes be with a how-to book in one hand and a hammer in the other. Let’s just accept the fact that Joe the Pro will get the task done fast and built to last. 

  1. Safety Is Their Middle Name

A roofing job, whether it’s installation, repair, or replacement, is way up there in rank as hazardous. A roofer is up there above the ground and working on an angle. The thing that’s going for him is he’s done this before and is equipped with what he needs from rolling off. Thus, keeping them safe from most risks.

  1. Not Fast, Just Efficient

The short period it takes to get the job squared away can easily be mistaken for speed, when it’s really nothing more than doing things systematically. With experience comes the right preparation and what follows is the step-by-step application of the task at hand.

  1. Service Warranty

Hire a professional roofer and get the kind of work they’ll be willing to give a guarantee for. This is one of the reassuring things you can get from their workmanship. If it falls short of the expected lifespan that’s been given for the project, the company will do what’s needed to correct the defect of its labor.

So Who Should Do The Job?At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there’s really no doubt as to what the best course of action is when it comes to fixing the roof. Get nobody less than a professional if you need a house roofing repair in Tonawanda NY.

If you’re looking for experience, there are experts who have gained two decades of it at Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction. They’re the people worth working with when it comes to roofing installation and repairs. Check them out at

When it comes to home improvements, especially your roofing system, always go with the best Lancaster roofing contractor. Since the roof is an essential component of the building envelope and the first line of defense against the elements, replacing it is a major decision. Roof repair or replacement requires the best contractor to handle it. Choosing the most suitable contractor is vital and should be a top priority.

As a homeowner who wants the best for their home, it’s best to look for a roofing company that can provide the highest level of quality and satisfaction. But how would you go about finding the right one? Here are some pointers to help you choose the best roofing contractor for your home.

Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

  1. Check the Reviews – It is important to research the company’s reputation and read online reviews. However, not all reviews are authentic, so look for them on various social media platforms or review websites. If something appears to be amiss, don’t take the risk. However, if everything appears to be in order, seek a second opinion and contact others who have previously hired them.
  1. Years in the Business – Years of experience in the roofing industry are crucial when looking for the ideal contractor. Make sure to hire a contractor with sufficient experience by researching their history and reputation.
  1. Ask for Their License and Insurance – Roofing is a risky job, and a good roofing installer should have its employees licensed and insured. This will protect them if an accident occurs during the replacement or installation process of your roof. Never hire a roofing or siding contractor in Lancaster, NY who is unable to provide a license or proof of insurance.
  1. Provides Warranty – The ideal roofing contractors offer both manufacturer and labor warranties to their customers. These warranties ensure that you are covered if something goes wrong with your roofs due to the fault of the manufacturer or the roofer. That is why selecting a local roofer who offers product and installation warranties for maximum protection is critical.
  1. Obtain Multiple Quotations from Different Contractors – It is advisable to get quotes from multiple contractors in order to compare their differences and find the best value for your money. Choose a contractor who will be patient with you as you go over contracts and warranties. The good ones will gladly answer your questions so you can feel at ease working together.
  1. Choose a Local Contractor – You should consider hiring a nearby roofing company. It is easier to communicate and meet with them and view their previous work. Transporting the materials and their workers will also be less expensive, allowing you to get the best deal possible.

Most importantly, if an issue arises with your newly installed roof, you will be able to easily contact them for maintenance and repair for free if it’s within the warranty period.

Keeping these guidelines in mind will assist you in choosing the right roofing contractor for your home. When it comes to installation or repair, selecting the best Lancaster roofing contractor is critical. A good roofing company will most likely provide you with quality services and long-lasting results such as Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction,

To get started working with the best contractor, call us at (716) 239-6476 or email us at You can also visit us at 5500 North Bailey Ave Suite 1693 Amherst NY 14226.

When building a new home or planning to renovate an old home, siding is one thing you should always consider. Siding is a type of material that provides you with protection from extreme heat, cold, or storm. Moreover, it is energy-efficient which helps you save money on utility bills. So make sure to hire reliable home siding services in Clarence, NY.

Aside from protection and energy efficiency, siding can improve your home’s appearance and enhances the market value once put up on sale. Not everyone will have the time to renovate an old, run-down home. So make sure that yours is visually appealing in the market to attract possible buyers.

The Benefits of Siding

  1. Little to No Maintenance

Unlike paint that chips and fades away after several years, a siding can maintain its color and appearance for decades with proper care. It will also save you buckets of paint from repainting your whole exterior. 

  1. Affordable

If you consider the lifespan and durability of a siding, you’ll realize that it’s cheaper than bricks or wood. And unlike paint, you don’t have to repaint it because high-quality siding materials don’t fade.

  1. Durable

Although siding is thinner than brick and wood, it is still durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather, from heavy rainfall, scorching heat, and chilling winter, to strong typhoons. However, make sure that your contractor installed high-quality material. Make sure to choose home siding services in Clarence, NY that are transparent about the costs and materials they use for the process.

  1. Easy to Install

If your home is fairly small, siding installation will take no more than a day to install if there are a few people working on it. And unlike paint or bricks where you need to let them dry for a couple of days, you can instantly live in your home after the installation process.

  1. Optional Designs

The great thing about siding is that it comes in different types, styles, materials, and colors to choose from that will satisfy your needs and preferences. Don’t get overwhelmed with the list of choices and ask your contractor which will suit your and your home’s needs.

When To Get Siding Installation?

You need to consider the season when planning to install a siding. You won’t want your contractor having a hard time installing your siding during bad weather right? So the best time to consider a siding installation is during the fall, spring, or early and late summer seasons. Extreme heat and cold can compromise the quality and installation process of the siding.

Who to Call?

If you live around Clarence, you should check us out at Lifetime, Siding and Roofing. We are a well-known provider of quality home siding services in Clarence, NY, and the surrounding areas. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, so rest assured that you’re working with experienced professionals. 
Aside from high-quality siding materials and services, working with us is also budget-friendly. You can easily reach us by calling 716-239-6476 or by sending us an email at You can also fill out the form on our Contact Us page after visiting our website. We hope to work with you soon!

Thanks to various social media platforms featuring a ton of beautiful DIY projects accomplished by talented homeowners, it’s no surprise that many would want to try their own luck at doing the same. Although it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are just some projects that you shouldn’t do yourself. That’s especially if it involves an integral part of your home like your roof. And when it comes to roof repair, you want to make sure that you’re getting it from experts in Buffalo, NY.

Sure, you may think doing it yourself may save you more money, but that depends on your level of expertise and the materials you have. If you already have the specialized tools needed to accomplish the job and you are also an accomplished roofer, then going down the DIY route wouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re a novice roofer attempting this for the first time, you may end up spending more and adding damage to your roof. That’s because roof repair isn’t something to be taken lightly since it needs to withstand Buffalo, NY’s changing seasons.

Now, let’s take a look at some other reasons why you should hire a professional for roof repair.


Professional roofing contractors have an in-depth understanding of roofing knowledge that is coupled with practical experience. This means they have proven their worth and expertise throughout their careers. So not only will you be paying for fast and efficient services, but your roofing contractor will also be able to tell if your roof needs other repairs. No matter how in-depth a YouTube tutorial may be, it can’t compare to the practical knowledge and experience a veteran roofer has, especially in situations that don’t have cookie-cutter solutions.


Roofing jobs tend to be accident-prone thanks to heights being factored into the equation. This is why all professional roofers use specialized safety equipment to keep themselves safe while on the job, especially on properties that are higher than the average house. Apart from safety equipment, professional roofers also have insurance.


If you do DIY roof repair and it fails spectacularly within a few months, you have no one to blame but yourself. However, roof contractors often provide warranties to ensure the quality of their work. This way, you can rest assured that their work will last for a few years or more.


Attempting DIY projects need a lot of time on your end because you will need to prepare the things you need and make concrete plans on how to approach your repair. Sadly, not everyone has the time to spare for projects like these so they often get neglected and the problem becomes worse. Roof repairs aren’t something that you can just come back to at a later time because they can pose huge risks to your entire home. Luckily, you can always hire roofing contractors to do the job at any time. 

If you need roofing contractors for roof repair, we at Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction are more than willing to help you. We are expert roofers who also provide siding repair and other services in Buffalo, NY. For more information on us, feel free to browse through our website.