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How to Minimize Roof Damage During the Storm Season?

February 16, 2023

Weather is your roof’s worst enemy. Talk about what wears down the different parts of the top of your house the most, and you’ll have to go through the seasons, including the common weather conditions that go with them. In areas that are susceptible to harsh weather, the damage can be terrible. It’s important that you take the needed steps to prepare the roof for any such eventuality.

Make sure your family is protected during a storm by safeguarding your roof against possible damage. You need to consult with experts on house roofing repair in Tonawanda, NY, or wherever in the country to find out what steps a house owner can take to ensure the roof survives extreme weather. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the whole thing’s over, and, by then, your roof could be at its worst.

Regular Roof Maintenance
Call a good roofer to do a routine check at the top of your house during the dry months. In case you’re not sure how weatherproof the roof is when there’s an advisory of an approaching storm, have a professional give it a once-over to make sure there are no damaged shingles or tiles that could be damaged by the hurricane. If one’s roofing materials are cracked, they are unlikely to withstand extreme weather.

Trim Trees and Check for Weakness
There shouldn’t be any branches hanging over the roof. If they’re big enough and can be snapped off by strong winds, this can damage your roof or even break through it entirely. Cut the tree branches once a year or the moment the weather channel says a storm is coming in your direction. Keep them as far from your roof as possible.

Inspect the trees beside your home for signs of weakness. They can be uprooted, fall against the outer wall, and do extensive damage to the house. A leaning tree could be a sign of a weak root system. Remember that a weak tree doesn’t have to be near your house to do harm. If it’s tall enough, it can fall on your home directly.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts
Twigs and leaves that have fallen on the roof will be washed down to the gutter and can block the downspout. This will cause water to accumulate in the gutter instead of finding its way to the drainpipe. It can then cause rainwater to retreat back to the roof and leak into the house. If it’s up to me, I’ll stop this from happening by making sure I know of a roofing company near me whom I can call to help me out.

Be Careful!
Hiring a professional to conduct preventive maintenance on the roof is always the best course of action. The person tasked with the job has both the equipment and the experience to give your roof the service it needs. Keep this in mind when you start to hesitate if the money you’ve saved is worth spending on such an expense: a potentially weak roof can bring about greater damage to the whole house if left unattended.

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