Roof maintenance is like preventive care. Your roof needs regular maintenance to keep it in optimal condition and protect you from the elements. It should be on top of your home improvement plans to ensure your roof does not fall and stays in top shape all year round.

 It is crucial to hire a reliable company to deliver residential roofing in Grand Island, NY, since roofs are usually out of date and homeowners cannot detect any early issues. Working with a roofing company that can maintain your roof all year round is always best. Here are the benefits of roof maintenance you can note while looking for roofers that suit your needs.

Excellent Weather Protection

A well-cared-for roof can keep the harsh elements at bay. But your choice of roofing material will be a factor in the longevity and performance of your roof. Always choose one that is suitable to your area’s weather patterns. 

Damage Control

Undertaking routine maintenance can prevent burgeoning issues from becoming a threat. No matter how durable your roofs are, problems can occur, particularly after a massive storm. Having your roofer up there to inspect roof leaks that can cause water damage to your home.

Improved Comfort and Efficiency

A robust roof provides sufficient insulation and ventilation, stabilizing your home’s indoor temperature, which offers thermal comfort and reduces energy costs.

Save Money

Maintaining your roof in tip-top shape reduces premature failure and replacement. This way, you can maximize your investment. The same applies to other weatherproofing installations you have, like your siding. It would help if you also avail of siding services in Grand Island, NY, with your selected contractor.

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your roof is part of your home’s exterior. Any signs of wear and tear can reduce your home’s value and impression. Paying attention to your roof also increases your home’s curb appeal. Make sure to keep it well-maintained.

What happens during roof maintenance?

What happens during a maintenance check? During roof maintenance, your roofing contractor will perform the following tasks:

  1. Clearing debris, such as leaves or branches that may have accumulated on the roof.
  2. They will clean the gutters to ensure proper drainage and prevent water damage.
  3. The inspector will check the roof for any signs of damage, such as cracks and missing shingles, and do necessary repairs.
  4. Your contractor will apply sealants to prevent leaks and water damage.
  5. Depending on the type of roof that you have, your contractor may perform further repairs, such as the removal of algae or moss.

Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your roof and prevent costly repairs or replacements down the line. 

Selecting a Contractor for Your Roofing Needs in Grand Island, NY

When choosing a contractor for residential roofing in Grand Island, NY, consider the benefits of roof maintenance mentioned above and call us here at Lifetime Siding and Roofing. All of the materials we are using are 100% American-made. Call us at (716) 239-6476 for free estimates. You may also browse through our website to learn more.

Since it’s the most exposed section of our home, the roof is crucial in protecting our families and properties from the elements. The roof experiences constant wear and tear with daily exposure to all sorts of weather conditions. Location can also have a significant impact on how the season or climate affects our roof and how much upkeep is required to counteract them.

Right off the top of my head, I can think of roof installation & repair in Grand Island, NY, who can help me with this. There are, however, other professional roofers we can call on in other places. Some elements will have a greater impact on some regions of our country. I’m talking about snow and ice in the north, rain and storms in the south, and heat and wind in the west. Understanding how weather can harm our roof is a must.

  1. Sun

    Most people believe that extreme weather is the only thing that can give us a major headache when it comes to roofs. Summer can also do that when it turns our roof dry and brittle from the sun’s direct heat. Heat alone on a glorious day makes some materials expand, and this can lead to serious issues when the time comes. If we live in an area that’s extremely hot during the day and very cold at night, have the roof checked occasionally.

  2. Rain

    Many homeowners will cite rain as the weather that damages our roofs the most, and they’re right. The most common roofing issue for which calls are made is water-related. Water can seep through tiny cracks and holes, and this will eventually find its way inside our house. If we don’t address this minor issue, it might escalate quickly into a huge problem.

  3. Hailstorm

    These chunks of solid ice that rain on us whatever the season is can cause real damage to the roof. Hail comes down like pebbles or golf balls. Regardless, after such a weather incident, it’s important that we call the professionals to give our roof a thorough check. I always get in touch with those I trust for roof and siding damage in Grand Island, NY.

  4. Hurricane

    Heavy rain and gusty wind can damage our roof easily. As a matter of fact, their combined force can put our whole house at risk. A powerful wind might dislodge shingles or tiles from the roof and expose our home below to a downpour. Can you imagine the kind of hassle that would be for us? Anyway, the good news is that there’s now roofing preparation that can meet the impacts of unexpected stormy weather.

  5. Snow

    Snow brings about contrasting feelings in us. We enjoy looking at the view it creates, but we also curse under our breath when we need to shovel it from our driveway. If roofs can speak, they might also do a little cussing because of the weight that snow exerts. The pressure might eventually go over the roof’s weight capacity, and this may cause the entire structure to give way. For this, you’ll need to call the pros to unburden the roof.

Whatever the weather

As you can see, our roof needs protection from all types of weather conditions. This shouldn’t be taken as a sales pitch. It’s a practical tip. Each season brings with it distinct problems that can impact our roof: rainfall in spring, summer heat, predominantly cold autumn, and life-threatening winter chills. The important thing to keep in mind is roof installation & repair in Grand Island, NY, or elsewhere in the country may be had.

If you’re looking for professional roofers, you need a company with at least 20 years of experience and known for creating the best projects in the field. Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction has that reputation. We’re the experts in roofing based in Buffalo, New York. Browse through our website for more information. If you need details, give us a call at 716-239-6476.

Siding is the material applied to our wall’s exterior to shield what’s behind it and protect it against the weather. We all want to upgrade how our homes look, and this can easily be done with the installation of siding that comes in different styles and colors. Sidings also offer protection and add aesthetic value to our houses. 

Over and above them, it increases the value of the place where we live in case we eventually decide to let go of it. Let’s talk about the importance of siding as a part of our homes. We can get more information on siding services in Grand Island, NY, or any part of the country.

  • Less Maintenance

Our home’s exterior goes through a lot. There’s exposure to the weather, which is becoming more severe as the years pass. Then there are also those pests that infest our walls, like mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, bats, termites, ants, and termites. Siding provides protection against the elements, the worst of which is water. It keeps the interior of our home dry. Moisture is the biggest perpetrator of the deterioration that our house can suffer from. Siding is also a protective layer against the entry of vermin into the household.

  • Durability

Siding made of the right material, like bricks, can tolerate extreme weather and extreme conditions. Exteriors made of wood can also withstand the onslaught of a hurricane, but they can’t be as tough as siding made of brick or cement. Vinyl is the best siding if it’s to be judged by the waterproofing it provides a home. It’s not as durable as the first two, though. Heat can be its biggest enemy. The reflection of intense light from a window or a nearby grill can melt it. We can get sound advice on siding from anyone who does residential roofing in Grand Island, NY.

  • Insulation

Sidings keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It creates a barrier in what’s called the “thermal bridging” that happens in our homes. Without this exterior layer, warmth stored in the house can escape through wood studs and other materials during cold weather. On the other hand, at the height of summer, siding reflects heat away from the house and keeps it cool.

  • A Wide Variety of Styles & Colors

Added to the variety of siding materials, we can find siding in a wide range of styles and colors. Because of this, it’s simple to choose siding that will go well with our home’s overall look. These choices in material, style, and color that can bring about an aesthetically pleasing combination are such a winner if we consider that their purpose is also functional.

  • Curb Appeal

To talk about enhancing our home’s curb appeal simply means that we’re working on making the general appeal of the house better. This is a term that’s equivalent to creating a good first impression. When curb appeal is brought up, it goes hand-in-hand with the intention of increasing the resale value of our house. A siding project can be so worth it, as it can yield a return on investment of almost 80 percent.

Even if we don’t have any plans to sell our home, installing siding is still a good idea as it provides protection for the property. We put money into a project that increases the value of our property. It’s a wise investment. At the same time, it improves the beauty of the place and lowers our energy costs.

Siding Does It All

Siding safeguards. It embellishes. It appreciates. After all is said and done, it sells. There’s just no going wrong when we take on the project of putting up siding on our house. The most important step is to look for a professional outfit that can help us with what needs to be done. 

We can either get siding services in Grand Island, NY, or somewhere else where you live. If you’re still looking for a reliable contractor, Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction is the place to go. Come visit us at our shop website, or you can call us at (716) 239-6476 to book an appointment or for more information.

Your home’s roofing and siding are its first lines of defense against unwanted, harsh weather elements. Withstanding such pressure all year round may prompt damages that need the attention of your roofing and siding contractor. While it is unlikely that you will be required to get a reinstallation when your contractor’s inspection has decided on one, here is a list of what to expect from your roofing and home siding services in Clarence, NY.

Your foremost concern is deciding on a contractor to carry out your property’s project. Roofing and siding installation is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make for your home. Choose a company to which you can entrust future home plans that knows materials, safety, and building codes.

What to Expect During a Siding and Roofing Installation Project

If you are anxious about what to expect for the big day, here’s a list of what to expect on a roof and siding installation project.

  • Home Preparation
  1. Remove or cover valuable items in the attic before a roof installation and remove pictures, shelves, and valuables that may risk falling ahead of a siding installation.
  2. Cut grasses and clear all items away from the exterior of your home, including potted plants, patio furniture, landscaping lights, and garden equipment.
  3. Clear the driveway for delivery trucks and dumpsters.
  4. Move any vehicles away from the home to minimize the chances of being damaged by loose debris.
  5. Ensure your pets and children are safe, away from the work zone.
  • Your Contractor’s Time of Arrival

You may have made your preparations, but your contractor might have to arrive early on the day to discuss the plans and do their prep work, such as setting up roof jacks and landing platforms for workers and shingles or removing shutters, downspouts, and caulking.

  • Removal of the Old Roof Or Siding

After all the prep work, it’s time to take down the damaged roof or siding. During this process, expect that there will be vibrations, noise, and traffic on your driveway when a delivery truck is transporting materials and when the dumpsters will haul the debris. You may opt for “roofing or siding repair near me” so a contractor can reach your area quickly.

  • Unforeseen Damages Before the Installation

Your contractor may commence the installation only to discover damage to other parts of the house besides the roof or siding. Underlying issues before a roof installation are mostly water damage and rotting. 

Water damage and rotting can be present before a siding installation. Asbestos is a heat-resistant and toxic material that can cause lung problems when inhaled. Damages to sheathing can also be current.

These unforeseen issues can increase project costs, cause delays, and extend the timeline. These concerns will be discussed with you by your contractor.

A roofing or siding installation is an investment. Hire professional contractors to get the job done and save time, money, and potential hazards. 

Ready for a new layer of home protection? Call the experts now at Lifetime Siding and Roofing for roof and home siding services in Clarence, NY.  Dial (716) 239 – 6476 or visit and fill out our contact form.

Weather is your roof’s worst enemy. Talk about what wears down the different parts of the top of your house the most, and you’ll have to go through the seasons, including the common weather conditions that go with them. In areas that are susceptible to harsh weather, the damage can be terrible. It’s important that you take the needed steps to prepare the roof for any such eventuality.

Make sure your family is protected during a storm by safeguarding your roof against possible damage. You need to consult with experts on house roofing repair in Tonawanda, NY, or wherever in the country to find out what steps a house owner can take to ensure the roof survives extreme weather. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the whole thing’s over, and, by then, your roof could be at its worst.

Regular Roof Maintenance
Call a good roofer to do a routine check at the top of your house during the dry months. In case you’re not sure how weatherproof the roof is when there’s an advisory of an approaching storm, have a professional give it a once-over to make sure there are no damaged shingles or tiles that could be damaged by the hurricane. If one’s roofing materials are cracked, they are unlikely to withstand extreme weather.

Trim Trees and Check for Weakness
There shouldn’t be any branches hanging over the roof. If they’re big enough and can be snapped off by strong winds, this can damage your roof or even break through it entirely. Cut the tree branches once a year or the moment the weather channel says a storm is coming in your direction. Keep them as far from your roof as possible.

Inspect the trees beside your home for signs of weakness. They can be uprooted, fall against the outer wall, and do extensive damage to the house. A leaning tree could be a sign of a weak root system. Remember that a weak tree doesn’t have to be near your house to do harm. If it’s tall enough, it can fall on your home directly.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts
Twigs and leaves that have fallen on the roof will be washed down to the gutter and can block the downspout. This will cause water to accumulate in the gutter instead of finding its way to the drainpipe. It can then cause rainwater to retreat back to the roof and leak into the house. If it’s up to me, I’ll stop this from happening by making sure I know of a roofing company near me whom I can call to help me out.

Be Careful!
Hiring a professional to conduct preventive maintenance on the roof is always the best course of action. The person tasked with the job has both the equipment and the experience to give your roof the service it needs. Keep this in mind when you start to hesitate if the money you’ve saved is worth spending on such an expense: a potentially weak roof can bring about greater damage to the whole house if left unattended.

You must get the services of those who have been doing house roofing repair in Tonawanda, NY, or whichever part of the country. Keep this name as your go-to contractor for the job: Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction. We have been top-of-the-line roofers for two decades now. Visit our website now to know more about our services, or call us at 716-239-6476 for your inquiries.

Is your roof due for repair or restoration? In that case, you have a few roofing materials to choose from. While roofing trends don’t change often, you’ll want to know what the best look for your home is. Choosing the right roofing material can bring that about.

The most important thing to remember is that a repair or restoration should only be done by a professional, like a Lancaster roofing contractor. With that in mind, let’s now cover another important thing when thinking of having the roof fixed: the 5 best roofing materials.

    1. Natural Slate Roofing

    Using this for your roof is beautiful, and it lasts for a really long time. Natural slate is nonporous, durable, and better than most roofing materials. It’s fireproof and immune to microorganisms. While this is expensive, the cost of roof reconstruction can be considered a saving when using natural slate. It’s a wise investment.

    1. Synthetic Slate Roofing

    This is quite a convincing reproduction of the natural slate. It’s made from engineered polymers mixed with recycled materials. Synthetic slate roofing is lighter and would make a good choice for houses that can’t hold up Natural Slate. While it’s not as durable as the original, it can last as much as 50 years.

    1. Clay Tiles

    This roofing material is made from earthen clay and cured for hardness. It can be left unglazed with its reddish color retained, or it can be polished and dried to make a ceramic roof. This material is the best roofing material and can last more than a century, not to be confused with the inferior clay tiles that some are promoting. Make sure that you ask your professional roofer for clay tiles that can outlive you.

    1. Concrete Tiles

    Concrete tiles are another alternative to clay tiles. It has similar advantages and is cheaper. Molded from the standard concrete and sand mix, it’s given whatever color is chosen by the homeowner. Concrete tiles can even look like wood shakes or clay tiles. It’s a durable roofing material that can last beyond 50 years.

    1. Metal Roofing

    Homeowners now go for sustainability, and because of this, metal roofing has become increasingly popular. Other versions that duplicate the durability of metal are those made from steel or aluminum shingles. Interestingly, these shingles can be manufactured to look like wood shakes or ultra-durable clay tiles, and they can last at least 30 years.

    1. Asphalt Shingles

    One of the best roofing materials is asphalt shingles. This is a timeless and affordable material trusted by many homeowners across the country. It’s fabricated from fiberglass mixed with asphalt and covered with mineral granules. Take note that asphalt shingles are another roofing material that has received conflicting evaluations from reviewers. It’s best to sit down with your roofing contractor to discuss its durability.

    Professional Roofer

    When deciding on the primary needs of the restoration job for your roof, the best roofing material has already been discussed. We did more than just touch on roofing materials in general. We whittled it down to which would be considered the best investment among them. As already mentioned in the beginning, the other essential is getting the right people, like a Lancaster roofing contractor, to do the installation or repair.

    Make sure you hire an experienced group whom you can trust to do the job of putting a good roof over your family that adds to the curb appeal of your home and protects your possessions. Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction is the name to remember. Call 716-239-6576 or check out our website for more information. If you have this mistaken notion that hiring a good roofer is expensive, hire a bad one and be enlightened.

    Vinyl siding is the most popular kind of siding wherever you go. You might also be using the same siding as you read this. But the question is, do you know the pros and cons of using vinyl for your siding before you let your home siding services in Clarence, NY install it for your home? If not, let’s learn some of its pros and cons.

    The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

    We’ve listed below three advantages and disadvantages of using vinyl for your home siding.


    1. Price

    The first thing you probably knew before installing your home siding is that vinyl siding is the most affordable but high-quality type of siding you can use. Panels of vinyl siding are built from thin sheets of PVC that lock together. Because of these sheets, you will be able to get a lot of wall coverage without breaking the bank. Moreover, installing vinyl siding is much easier compared to any other kind of siding product.

    1. Durability and Lifespan

    Another advantage of vinyl siding is its ability to withstand strong winds and harsh elements. It has a lifespan of up to 30 years, so within those years, you won’t have to worry about replacing it because of its age. You just have to maintain it and have it repaired if it acquires damage, and it’ll be ready again to protect your home.

    1. No Need to Paint

    Another advantage is the fact that you don’t need to spend money buying paint separately because most vinyl panels are already painted with quality paint that doesn’t easily flake or chip off. You can simply choose from a wide variety of colors when buying to match the color of your house, and if the color you want isn’t available, they can paint the vinyl for you.


    1. Easy Fading of Paint

    Though one of the advantages of vinyl siding is that you can buy products that are already painted, one of its disadvantages is also related to painting. Paint on vinyl siding can easily fade to the point where it is noticeable. The common reason for its fading is exposure to the sun.

    1. Moisture Problems

    Unfortunately, vinyl sidings can also cause serious moisture risks if not maintained properly. Water vapor may become trapped in the cavity as a result of the styrene insulation that is installed with vinyl siding. Cover it adequately to block the water from entering the wall cavity if you don’t want this to happen.

    1. Dents Easily

    Another disadvantage of vinyl sidings is that they acquire dents rather easily. A baseball, hail, and even a power wash can dent vinyl. Moreover, the dents they obtain from these objects do not pop back out no matter what you and your trusted siding repair contractor in Clarence, NY, do. Once they are dented, you’ll have no choice but to replace them.


    Contact Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction today if you wish to know which type of siding is perfect for your home. You can also ask us about the pros and cons of each type, and we will help you decide which siding to use for your house. Moreover, call us if you need home siding services in Clarence, NY. We are your team of professional and expert roofing contractors.


    Are you having a hard time deciding whether you should get a new roof or just do some fixing? Whether you need your roof repaired or you need to get a new one, always make sure to hire the best and most trusted Lancaster roofing contractor to ensure that you get top-tier quality services for your roof.

    5 Factors to Consider Whether to Repair or Get a New Roof

    Here are some factors you should consider before deciding whether to get a new roof or just have it repaired.

    1. Age of the Roof

    Since roofs have an expected life span, the roof’s age is a huge factor in deciding whether you should repair or replace it when there is damage. If there is a problem with your roof and it’s still far from its expected life span, you can fix the problem by repairing the roof to avoid further and worse damage.

    1. How Serious the Damage Is

    You should also consider how serious the damage is before deciding whether to repair or replace it. If the roof’s damage is only minor, replacing it might be too expensive. If the damage to your roof is small and easy to fix, you can call your trusted contractor to just repair it.

    1. Your Budget

    One of the most important things to consider when repairing or replacing your roof is your budget. Think about which option will cause you less trouble or which will be worth it in the long run. If your roof needs replacement but you insist on having it repaired because the repair is cheaper, think of the cost you will need to spend when you have to repeatedly repair it. It’s better to call your trusted roofing contractor in Lancaster, NY, to replace it, solve the problem, and spend money only once.

    1. Urgency

    Another factor to consider is the urgency of the situation. If a storm is coming and your roof is damaged but you have no time to replace it before the storm comes, have it repaired at least to protect it and avoid further damage. Do not wait for the storm to pass before solving the problem, as the storm can worsen the damage and cost you more for the replacement or repairs.

    1. To Maintain the Architectural Integrity of Your Roof

    Since some types of roofs should maintain their original composition for as long as possible, you have no choice but to only repair these kinds of roofs because if you replace them, you will need to replace the whole property. You can preserve the structural integrity of your home by having roof repairs made.

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you know the factors you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof when it’s damaged, don’t hesitate to contact Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction. We are a roofing contractor in Lancaster, NY, that will protect your home from the harsh weather that the seasons bring at the most unexpected time of the year. We always ensure that all our clients have peace of mind while working with us.

     Call Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction today at 716-239-6476 and avail of our services for your peace of mind.


    The very first thing that people will notice on your house is none other than the roof and the siding. That is why, if you want your house to leave a great impression on people, make sure that your roofing and siding in Niagara Falls are always presentable and aesthetically beautiful. To achieve aesthetically pleasing and presentable siding, you have to make sure that it is always well-maintained.

    5 Signs that You Need to Replace Your Siding

    To be able to maintain your house’s siding, here are 5 signs that it might be damaged, and it’s time to replace it for the protection of the structure of your home and your family.

    1. Rotten Woods

    Your house’s siding will protect your home from different kinds of elements and will keep your family safe and comfortable. However, if it starts to rot and crumble, it will no longer be able to perform its vital role. So it is crucial that every now and then you inspect your siding to see if there are traces of rotten wood. That way, you will be able to prevent its spread and repair the affected area immediately.

    1. Rusty Nails and Popping

    When the weather changes, any type of siding will also expand and contract, which will cause the nails used to install the siding to pop out. Because of this, your siding will become vulnerable to strong winds and will easily be blown away in pieces. On the other hand, rusty-colored streaks running down your wall are signs that the nails of your siding have rusted because of excess moisture that may cause further rot and erosion.

    1. Increased Utility Costs

    If you notice a sudden increase in your utility bill, contact your trusted roof and siding contractor right away to inspect the exterior and interior of your home, as this could be a sign of roof and siding damage in Cheektowaga, NY. They will determine the exact problem and recommend the best solution.

    1. Moisture and Mold

    If you discover traces of moisture buildup on the inside of your home, you should immediately also check the exterior of your home. If it appears that the siding is to blame, then it would be best to call your trusted roof and siding contractor to fix the problem and replace the siding if necessary.

    1. Dents, Chips, and Cracks

    Severe storms or hail can cause damage to your siding, so if you happen to have experienced one recently, it would be best to inspect it for signs of damage. Dents don’t usually cause further damage. But cracks and chips on the surface will make your home more susceptible to moisture damage and pest infestation.


    These are only some of the many signs that your siding is damaged and needs replacement. Call Lifetime Siding, Roofing, and Construction today if you need to inspect the roof and siding damage of your home in Cheektowaga, NY, and replace them to solve the problem. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we are composed of the finest roofing and siding contractors in the state, so we are confident in our ability to give the best results to our clients.


    A good roof is often taken for granted. If it’s working well, you don’t even know it’s there. There’s a saying out of sight, out of mind and that applies so well to the roof. Sad to say, it’s that important part of the house that’s most exposed to the elements and prone to being damaged. Having said that, when did you last have your roof checked? There are roofers in Buffalo NY who can do the task.

    A durable roof may have been installed to protect your home but, after years of sun, rain, snow, and storms, things are bound to happen to it. You’d be well advised to have a professional inspection done on it. Wear and tear develop minor weaknesses that can easily turn into major problems. To make sure this doesn’t take place, guard against the following common problems. 

    1. Leaks

      This is the most prevalent of the headaches you’ll have concerning the roof. Regardless of the reason behind it, what’s imperative is that the issue must be attended to right away. It can worsen into a greater problem that’s more expensive to resolve if neglected. A sure sign of a leak in the roof are water stains on the ceiling.

    2. Standing Water

      It is water that gathers at a certain spot on the roof. After some time, it can create a structural flaw in your home or lead to complications like mildew or, worse, mold and the eventual rotting of the wooden parts of the roof. This can happen if your roof has sunken parts. A blocked downspout could be another cause.

    3. Damaged Flashing

      Flashings are the metal plates that cover the areas that the shingles or tiles can’t successfully protect. They are usually installed around whatever is built into the roof, like the chimney and the skylight. When they become loose or get bent, the damaged flashing can cause those shingles or tiles to start peeling off in bad weather.

    4. Clogged Gutters

      It may seem like an obstructed gutter is just a waterway for your roof runoff and won’t really affect the roof itself. That’s the wrong assumption. In a downpour, a clogged gutter can back up the water into the roof and cause a leak in the house. Worse is the gutter, which is usually made of aluminum and gets rusted up and corrodes.

    5. Damaged Shingles

      Aside from leaks, a very common roofing problem is damaged shingles or tiles. Even just age can damage them, even more so when the weather is factored in. This is a simple repair job. All that needs to be done is the replacement of the shingle. You can easily find roof installation & repair in Cheektowaga NY.

    6. Storm Damage

      If a storm hits your area, the extremely strong wind and rain the weather brings with it can easily cause destruction on the roof. Tree branches hanging overhead can break and fall on the house. It’s at times like this that flashing curls up, shingles fall off, and corroded gutters collapse.

      Weather-related damage should also be mentioned here. Snow is known to reduce the durability of a roof. When the roof is wet and the water freezes, it expands and pushes against the shingles and other parts. Problems with the roof usually arise during cold conditions.

    7. Lack of Maintenance

      The roof has to be checked regularly. Experts say it should be done at least twice a year. If you have experience as a handyman, you can probably do the first one just to see if everything’s fine. If you see things that need fixing, call the professionals. If all seems fine, give the pros a call for the second roof inspection. Keep in mind that small problems that are ignored can eventually lead to expensive resolutions.


    A roof keeps the home dry and the family safe. To ensure this protective function is guaranteed, a house must have a well-maintained roof. We at Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction have professional roofers in Buffalo NY whom you can rely on to do this. You can find us online on our website or you can give us a call at 716-239-6476.