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7 Factors to Check Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

November 23, 2022

You notice the shingles on the roof starting to lift, see the color staining, find debris on the ground that came from above, or observe a leak has developed. That means your roof needs attention. Choosing the right people to fix it is everything.

You’ll be spending a considerable amount of money on a roof renovation; so you’ll surely want to invest in quality. You can read up on who the best ones will be for the job by searching for recommendations on Angi’s List, the Better Business Bureau, or roofing contractors in Buffalo NY.

1. Hire a Local

It would be a good idea to hire a local roofing contractor to do the job. If a problem arises with your new roof, it wouldn’t be hard to get the project redone. In this manner, you’re also supporting the local community. Another thing that’s a plus in hiring a local contractor is it ensures familiarity with the local building codes.

Be aware of efforts by some to look local but not really be one. With technology today, this is so easy to do. They can have a local phone number and business cards printed that say they’re nearby. Guard against this marketing strategy. Ask if they have customers where you live and look for them.

2/3. License & Insurance

You have to make sure that the company you’re hiring is licensed. One that’s certified has passed multiple industry-related tests, knows the business well, offers sensible contracts, and has undergone formal training in the field of roofing.

If they’re licensed, they usually have an insurance policy as well. Insurance protects the company doing the job from injuries to their workers. It also protects the homeowner. Keep in mind that, if an accident happens to anyone working on the roof, the homeowner can be held responsible for it unless the company hired is insured.

4. Warranty

An important consideration when choosing who’ll be working on the roof is the warranty that covers the job done for you. There should be two of them: the manufacturer warranty and the workmanship warranty. The first is a guarantee against a defective roofing material that may have been used. The second is a certification that covers whatever installation errors are committed by the roofers.

5. Hunt for the Best Deal

The best deal simply means finding the best contractor who is also affordable. Just keep in mind that cheap isn’t always the best. It can actually be more expensive if things have to be done all over again. Get different quotations, study the prices involved and make sense of them. Choose the best of the lot and negotiate for a better contract. Remember to do this when it comes to roof repairs in Buffalo NY.

6. Check Out Previous Works

Once you’ve made a choice on who your roof contractor will be, ask to see their portfolio of past jobs. They might already be on their website. Over and above that though, ask for names and addresses of their past customers they haven’t featured yet. Reach out to these clients and ask them the only question you’d want an answer to: Are they satisfied with the work of the company you’re thinking of hiring?

7. Put Agreement on Paper 

Whatever you want to be done, for how long, and for how much must be specifically stated. How the company you’re dealing with will get everything accomplished according to the timetable and the cost should also be assured. The best thing about this is the company will make sure to do everything as stipulated in the agreement so as not to jeopardize the payment it’s charging.

After All is Said and Done

Now that you know how to go about hiring and getting the best service from a good roofing contractor, especially in Buffalo NY, it’s best to check out a company that specializes in this roof repairs and roofing installations and has been at it for two decades now. Kiss your roof problems goodbye by saying hello to Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction. Give us a call today at 716-239-6476.