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5 Types of Weather that Can Damage Your Roof

March 7, 2023

roof damage from weather changes
Since it’s the most exposed section of our home, the roof is crucial in protecting our families and properties from the elements. The roof experiences constant wear and tear with daily exposure to all sorts of weather conditions. Location can also have a significant impact on how the season or climate affects our roof and how much upkeep is required to counteract them. Right off the top of my head, I can think of roof installation & repair in Grand Island, NY, who can help me with this. There are, however, other professional roofers we can call on in other places. Some elements will have a greater impact on some regions of our country. I’m talking about snow and ice in the north, rain and storms in the south, and heat and wind in the west. Understanding how weather can harm our roof is a must.
  1. SunMost people believe that extreme weather is the only thing that can give us a major headache when it comes to roofs. Summer can also do that when it turns our roof dry and brittle from the sun’s direct heat. Heat alone on a glorious day makes some materials expand, and this can lead to serious issues when the time comes. If we live in an area that’s extremely hot during the day and very cold at night, have the roof checked occasionally.
  2. RainMany homeowners will cite rain as the weather that damages our roofs the most, and they’re right. The most common roofing issue for which calls are made is water-related. Water can seep through tiny cracks and holes, and this will eventually find its way inside our house. If we don’t address this minor issue, it might escalate quickly into a huge problem.
  3. HailstormThese chunks of solid ice that rain on us whatever the season is can cause real damage to the roof. Hail comes down like pebbles or golf balls. Regardless, after such a weather incident, it’s important that we call the professionals to give our roof a thorough check. I always get in touch with those I trust for roof and siding damage in Grand Island, NY.
  4. HurricaneHeavy rain and gusty wind can damage our roof easily. As a matter of fact, their combined force can put our whole house at risk. A powerful wind might dislodge shingles or tiles from the roof and expose our home below to a downpour. Can you imagine the kind of hassle that would be for us? Anyway, the good news is that there’s now roofing preparation that can meet the impacts of unexpected stormy weather.
  5. SnowSnow brings about contrasting feelings in us. We enjoy looking at the view it creates, but we also curse under our breath when we need to shovel it from our driveway. If roofs can speak, they might also do a little cussing because of the weight that snow exerts. The pressure might eventually go over the roof’s weight capacity, and this may cause the entire structure to give way. For this, you’ll need to call the pros to unburden the roof.
Whatever the weather As you can see, our roof needs protection from all types of weather conditions. This shouldn’t be taken as a sales pitch. It’s a practical tip. Each season brings with it distinct problems that can impact our roof: rainfall in spring, summer heat, predominantly cold autumn, and life-threatening winter chills. The important thing to keep in mind is roof installation & repair in Grand Island, NY, or elsewhere in the country may be had. If you’re looking for professional roofers, you need a company with at least 20 years of experience and known for creating the best projects in the field. Lifetime Siding, Roofing and Construction has that reputation. We’re the experts in roofing based in Buffalo, New York. Browse through our website for more information. If you need details, give us a call at 716-239-6476.
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